Last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, I have compiled a list of cute, last minute gift ideas for the special women in your life, in case the holiday slipped from your mind:

Diffuser and essential oils

Diffusers waft out soothing essential oils such as cedarwood and lavender into the air. After a stressful day of babies crying, teenagers rolling their eyes and the dog making a mess in the house, these sweet aromas could cure any headache. Retailing for $40 on Amazon, this diffuser is quite the steal. Not only does it include the actual diffuser (which changes colors), but it also includes 10 different essential oils. 

Customized wine glass

I don’t know about your mom, but every day, my mom gets off of work and she pours herself a glass of wine. It’s a form of relaxation none of us will understand until we are “true” adults. To spice up this routine, purchasing a customized wine glass for your mom is ideal. On Amazon, you can customize the glass with a nickname or even with a photo.

“100 Things I love about Mom” journal

I’ve purchased the significant other version of this journal for my boyfriend. Each page contains a handwritten entry by the gifter with little details you enjoy about the person in question. For only $12 on Amazon, this will, for sure, pull every mom’s heartstrings in the best way.


As summer approaches, the Texas sun is ruthless. Sunglasses are a necessity and a fashion staple for both women and men. When it comes to my mom, her sunglasses are older than me. Replacing “old reliables” with some trendy ones like these on Amazon is sure to make your mom feel special. In 11 different styles, there are a variety of sunglasses that will suit your mom’s personal taste.

Breakfast in bed

A classic choice. You’ll have to wake up early in the morning, pans clattering around as you struggle to figure out how to make pancakes and how mom made it look so easy. Pancakes with eggs and bacon are a fine example. If your mom is a bit of a health nut, oatmeal and fruit may be the way to go. 

Whichever gift you choose, whether it’s a diffuser or some new sunglasses, each gift will be special for your mom or any significant woman in your life as long as you are the gifter.