Shaving 101

Surprisingly, I have heard that a lot of boys my age do not know how to shave properly. This essential task to make one look presentable is unbeknownst to many. I decided to share some information on shaving basics. 

Before we dive in, I won’t go step-by-step intricately instructing readers on how to map a razor across their face, but rather, I will give suggestions and offer knowledge I have after shaving for a while myself. Nonetheless, it is my pleasure to be your temporary father figure. Also, remember to do what is best for you and your face. 

Don’t forget a shaving lubricant

Aside from the razor itself, I believe the most important element of all is the shaving lubricant, which can take the form of gel, foam or oil. Shaving lubricants provide a thin layer of protection on your skin from the razor and keeps it frictionless to minimize risk of irritation and cuts. I also advise you to figure out if you have sensitive skin. If your skin is easily irritated from other facial products and substances, then opt for the varieties of shaving lubricants that cater to sensitive skin.

Find the right razor

Next is the razor. Personally, I recommend using a standard five blade razor offered by known companies like Gillette, Harry’s or Equate. Some people might reach for the multipack all-in-one disposable razors, but after using them for a few years, I have found these three-bladed razors to have limited movement in effectively traversing the face. They tend to dull easier than five-bladed ones, which is a danger in itself. I’d stick to the high-quality handles with replaceable razor blades.

The shaving process

In terms of the process of shaving, I usually wet my face with warm water or shave after a shower to achieve open pores and softer hair follicles. Then, with a dollop of shaving lubricant, evenly lather across your face to cover the areas you want to shave. You don’t want to use too little nor do you want to look like Santa Claus. 

Next, what I like to do is wet the razor head, start at the jawline, then slowly work toward the skin around my lips. Make sure to not apply too much pressure, and roughly clean the blades under water two or three swipes in between. Be weary of any skin blemishes or acne that could get nicked. After shaving, wash the excess foam or gel away and apply a moisturizer to keep your skin from drying.

Congratulations! For a trade learned in just a few minutes, its use will last for a lifetime and will help in a pinch for job interviews, picture day and even dates.