Summer movies you won’t want to miss

Get out your popcorn and buy your tickets because this summer will premiere some of the most highly-anticipated movies of the year. From the last installment of the “Thor” series to the backstory of a space-themed toy, summer offers many anticipated trips to the theaters. Here is a list of movies coming out this summer.


“Top Gun: Maverick” (in theaters May 24)

Though it’s released early in the summer, there’s no movie better to start off your break. I’ve been wanting to go see this movie ever since I saw the trailer, and I can’t believe the premiere is around the corner. Following Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), the movie confronts the ghosts from his past and fears for his future as a sacrificial mission is assigned to him and his team. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I’ve spent hours researching the Air Force and I’ve watched the original “Top Gun” movie a few times, so I cannot wait to see how this movie plays out. 


“Jurassic World Dominion” (in theaters June 10)

Without a doubt, this series is iconic. Set in a world where scientists have brought dinosaurs back from the dead, the series went on to make billions of dollars. This next one doesn’t seem to strive for any less, and I’m excited to see some of the actors return. The film takes place four years after the previous film and will be full of all high-action scenes. After two years of setbacks due to COVID-19, I cannot wait to see the film explore the balance between the dinosaurs and the rest of humanity.


“Lightyear” (in theaters June 17)

Easily the best animated franchise to ever grace the screens, “Toy Story” has stolen my heart. I have rewatched all of the movies more times than I’m proud to admit, and I’m excited to see the backstory of the beloved toy hero Buzz Lightyear. Pixar’s skill with animation quality has improved a lot since the first “Toy Story,” and this movie proves that it’s only getting better. I cannot wait to see the treasures this movie holds. 


“Elvis” (in theaters June 24)

Having risen to fame at a young age, Elvis Presley is a household name. With thousands of references to him littered throughout pop culture, it’s a wonder he hasn’t gotten his own movie until now. Following Elvis’ rise to fame, the movie shows the changes he made from being a young bullied boy to the star we think of today. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of the singer, the trailer definitely caught my attention. I’ll be eagerly awaiting for the end of June and will definitely force my parents to take me to the theaters. 


“Despicable Me: Rise of Gru” (in theaters July 1)

Though the emotional ties I have to these films pales in comparison to those I have with the “Toy Story” series, I cannot be more excited to see this. The movie shows Gru’s rise to power as a young boy, how he became who he is and how he came into possession of the world’s most famous sidekicks. This animated franchise has done well in the box office, and with this movie making its way to theaters, the trend doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. 


“Thor: Love and Thunder” (in theaters July 8)

I’ve watched the “Thor” movies with interest, but I couldn’t help but be disappointed in the first two compared to the rest of the Marvel movies I have seen. It seemed as though my opinion was shared with a vast majority of nerds, as “Thor: Ragnarok” brought us a new, funnier look at the Norse god. Not only will we get to see Chris Hemsworth back on the big screen, but he will be joined by the guardians of the galaxy, a group Thor interacted with during the events of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.” I can’t wait to see the last installment of the Thor movies as the film has had a lot of buildup over the past couple of months. 


“The Sea Beast” (on Netflix July 8)

Netflix may not be everyone’s favorite streaming platform, but there are a few pieces of gold. I hope that this comedy film falls into the latter category because it doesn’t seem so bad. When a stowaway girl gets discovered on a pirate ship, the captain must embark on an adventure; this sounds great, despite being generic. I am excited to see how Netflix handles an animated film. The quality doesn’t look anywhere near as good as Disney, but I have to hope it will do better than the last animated pirate film, “Treasure Planet.” 


“Where the Crawdad Sings” (in theaters July 15)

This novel has been on my “to read” list for ages, but giving it a movie definitely means I have to read it sooner. The book has been a bestseller since its release in 2018, and it follows a girl coming out of isolation and learning how to survive society. A lot of books have gotten accurate adaptations in recent years, and I hope that this one continues the trend. I’ve been told many great things about the book and know that there will be angry fans if the film goes south. From the trailer, though, it looks like it’s on its way to success. 


“Don’t Make Me Go” (on Amazon Prime July 15)

The movie is about a dad taking his daughter on a roadtrip in hopes of finding her estranged mother as he teaches her everything she’ll need to know. I’m really close with my dad, so I will definitely be forcing him to watch this with me when we’re home. While I know these kinds of heartwarming films usually end with a bittersweet death, I’m excited. There has been more buzz about this movie than most released to Amazon Prime, and it gives me hope for the platform’s future.


“The Gray Man” (in theaters July 15 and on Netflix July 22)

As a CIA agent learns confidential information and goes rogue, the rest of the government must follow him in an attempt to stop him from telling the world their secrets. The cast is full of big names, such as Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling and more. While I won’t go to the theaters to see it, I’ll be awaiting its arrival on Netflix. 


“Nope” (in theaters July 22)

I’m not one for horror movies, but even I have to agree that this sounds good. The hype around this movie has been nonstop, but I can’t say I’m complaining. Coming from one of cinema’s best directors, Jordan Peele, this movie is bound to be great. It follows a Black-owned ranch that specializes in training horses for film, but then unnatural disasters begin to happen. The trailer was full of funny moments, and though I tend to stay away from movies with jump scares, I might convince a friend to go see it with me. 


“Bullet Train” (in theaters Aug. 5)

The trailer for this movie looks great. I love action-packed films because they seem to be the only thing that can keep my mind occupied, and I’m excited to see this movie bring nothing less than a fight at every corner. It seems to be filled to the brim with funny moments, which is necessary for a movie about an assassin on a secret mission to get a briefcase on a train. Though the assassin doesn’t want to kill anymore, it seems like a lot of blood will be shed. While the movies coming out in early summer just might bankrupt me, I’ll make sure to save enough money for a trip to the theaters when this film is released. 


“Secret Headquarters” (in theaters Aug. 5)

Though my love of superheroes is mainly based off of the Marvel universe, with a few beloved characters from DC, I’m excited to see more superhero films that aren’t associated with either brand. It’s been a while since we’ve had a truly fresh superhero, with the most recent ones I can think of being the title characters of “The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl.” The movie itself follows a kid who finds a secret headquarters in his house and begins to dig further into his parents’ occupations. This movie will either be one of the worst films I’ll ever see or steal my heart, but it’s leaning toward the latter with the actors from popular superhero films such as Walker Scobell and Owen Wilson. While I’m definitely partly nervous for this release, a bigger part of me is preparing to buy tickets and planning out who I’m going to see it with. 


“Salem’s Lost” (in theaters Sept. 9)

Though I’m not completely sure what to think about this one, the name caught my attention. From the moment I heard the word “Salem,” I knew there would be dark magic involved. It turns out my intuition was right, as the movie follows an author in a town where everyone has turned into vampires. Following the complicated reviews on the “Twilight” franchise’s  books and movies, there hasn’t been a truly good piece of media revolving around the blood-sucking monsters. This movie could easily fall into the same trap laid by its predecessors, but it may just prove us all wrong. Either way, it’s a game I might just gamble in. 


These movies will definitely make my summer better and I can’t wait to see them on the big screen. While some of them sound better than others, there’s something for everyone this summer.