I Prevail’s new album has “True Power”


After three years since American rock band I Prevail’s release of “Trauma,” my expectations for their fourth album “True Power,” released Aug. 19, were pretty high. Needless to say, the band went beyond my expectations and brought a sound that is more refreshing and compelling. The band mixes rap and metal in a way that feels natural and flows well, making it catchy to the point where I’m constantly repeating verses in my head.

I Prevail is well known for having music that sends out hope during hard times, which continues to be a recurring theme in this album with songs such as “There’s Fear In Letting Go” and “Closure.”

The album kept me hooked throughout every song, with the heartfelt lyrics and heavy instrumentals providing an energetic and hopeful tone. Some of my favorite songs from the album were “Self-Destruction” and “Body Bag” because of the perfect blend of metal and rap, which I’m not usually fond of, but was pleasantly surprised to hear how well it worked in these songs.

While I Prevail is a metal band, it managed to feature some music non-metal fans should be able to enjoy too, such as the songs “Doomed” and “Deep End,” which focus on mental health and have a more chill and slow beat. These songs are full of lyrics that seemingly fall out of the hearts of vocalists Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerberghe.

I Prevail continues to create more amazing music with each album and is constantly improving and experimenting with its sound. “True Power” was nothing short of amazing, continuing to prove why I Prevail has been nominated twice at the Grammys. I look forward to its new music and its upcoming “True Power” tour, which kicks off Sept. 9.