A film you should watch during your “Me Time”

Photo via Netflix

Photo via Netflix

Imagine two of the funniest people you know working on a project together where they can be their authentic selves and remain professional; the end result would be something similar to “Me Time.”

“Me Time” is a Netflix original, released Aug. 26,  about a man named Sonny (Kevin Hart) trying to figure out what he wants to do in life aside from being a “super-dad.” He embarks on a journey to figure it out with his childhood best friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg), who never fails to supply a good amount of chaos to Sonny’s life while also having some issues of his own.

Though the point of the movie was to showcase the process of accepting oneself and those around them, the directors often put forth humor and good times. This was done well, as it never made the message unclear. There were many small scenes that conveyed the message perfectly, while making sure not to take all of your attention. 

Walking into this, I was afraid that Hart and Wahlberg’s personalities would clash. They are both known for being humorous individuals; however, they are still on different sides of the spectrum. Hart is more high-pitched and upbeat and, when thinking of him, the first thought that comes to my mind is “loud.” Wahlberg, however, is more laid-back and less animated with his comedy.

After seeing the film, I was more than pleased with the way it turned out. We got to see a slightly more serious side of Hart, which isn’t new as he and Wahlberg are normally the voice of reason in comedy films. However, this time, Wahlberg was more chaotic and care-free, which was a refreshing and hilarious sight to see. Hart and Wahlberg complemented each other perfectly in this movie, and their abilities to be both serious and lighthearted at the same time made it all the more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, I have no complaints about this movie. Compared to various other films on Netflix, I would say that this is an entertaining watch if you want a quick laugh. Is it a film that stands out from others? Maybe not. But it still serves its purpose, and it does it well.