Top five eye creams for refreshed under eyes

As school begins to pick up, students are getting more homework, pursuing more extracurriculars and overall getting busier schedules. An average of 73% of high school students do not get the recommended eight hours of sleep. If you’re one of these students and feel your eyes are tired, take a look at the top five eye creams I recommend to help you replenish your under eye area and help you feel more refreshed.

ATOMY Eye Cream

Giving an electric feel after using it, ATOMY eye cream is perfect for those who want to feel more energized after a long slumber, a night of studying or going out. With a light feel to the cream, this is perfect for those who want eye cream to use nightly after their skincare routine to provide brightness to dull eyes. Not only does this eye cream give an energizing feel, but it minimizes under-eye wrinkles. The pricing for this eye cream is around $23.

Jack Black Eye Balm De-Puffing & Cooling Gel 

A soothing eye gel that coolly applies to the under eyes is perfect for those who want to feel more refreshed. Since the eye cream is a rollerball, it is easier to apply and is a light and cool eye gel that comes with an herbal smell and will leave you feeling revitalized. It’s priced at $25 and is perfect for people who need something quick to help them refresh and de-puff their under eyes in the morning.

Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

This eye cream gives hydration to your eyes like no other. If your under eyes always seem dry, then you should consider this eye cream. With a thick finish, it gives a lot of hydration under the eyes and is fragrance-free for those who want something that doesn’t have a strong scent to it. Priced at $48, if your under eyes are feeling dry, then consider looking at this eye cream. 

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream

If you need an affordable eye cream available in your local drugstore, this is perfect for you. It’s also a good eye cream for those who want an eye cream to apply before makeup, and costs around $11.

BeautyStat Universal C Eye Perfector

Although on the pricier side at $60, this eye cream is also fragrance-free and helps those who want to brighten and firm the skin under their under eyes. The eye cream has special ingredients including 5% stabilized Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory hemp oil and antioxidant protection so it has multiple beneficial ingredients that make it worth it.

Eye creams are great for anyone who just wants a refresher for the under eyes, but eye creams all depend on your skin type and what benefit you would like. These are just a few suggestions to help you liven up your under eye area.