My top five Slipknot songs

My top five Slipknot songs

The nine-man band is back again. Slipknot is coming to Dallas on Sept. 28 – it’s a show that you will not want to miss. Slipknot is currently teasing its new album “Yen,” with three songs already released and the rest to follow Sept. 30. Here’s a list of my five favorite songs I’m hoping to hear at the concert:

5. ”The Dying Song (Time To Sing)”

So far, this is my favorite song from their upcoming album. The lyrics are catchy, specifically the chorus — where there’s a choir backing the lead vocalist, Corey Taylor. This song has been kept on replay recently on my way to school, home and everywhere else I go.

4. “Spiders”

Released in 2019 as a part of the “We Are Not Your Kind” album, this song lives up to its name. The intro starts out with a piano that sends shivers through your spine. While not as heavy as other songs, this song has great instrumentals that pull you into the feeling of being surrounded by spiders.

3. “Wait and Bleed”

Released in its first album, this song led me to discover this band in the first place. When I finished listening to it, I was eager to listen to more from the amazing discography of Slipknot. “Wait and Bleed” is a song that I listen to when I need to get hyped up or some extra energy. With lyrics that state “I felt the hate rise up in me,” it’s really no surprise that the song gives a boost of adrenaline.

2. “Snuff”

From the “All Hope is Gone” album, “Snuff” is one of the slower songs in Slipknot’s discography. Featuring clean vocals and an acoustic guitar flowing through the majority, this song holds a heavy emotional aspect to it as well, with lyrics saying things like, “If you still care, don’t ever let me know.” This song has been one I find myself listening to often when feeling down. Hearing this song live would be nothing short of amazing. 

1. “Spit It Out”

My favorite of them all, “Spit It Out” is another song from the group’s first album. When performing this song live, the band involves the audience and encourages the audience to crouch down, where they remain until Taylor tells them to jump up. The song is sure to hype the audience up and give the crowd a lot of energy. Without a doubt, I can say this song will be enjoyable to listen to live.