Teachers’ tattoo stories

In the spirit of Sept. 16th being “Tattoo Story Day,” three Hebron teachers share stories behind some of their tattoos for the occasion.


Art teacher Caleb Jacks

Art teacher Caleb Jacks has a purple and blue bird inked on his forearm. “This, in a way, represents me and my wife,” Jacks said. “A common theme for me is birds. I don’t know why; I just really like them.”

A bird perched on a pencil with a paintbrush with wings for hands, accompanied by the Texas Rose sits on Jacks’ arm. “I just feel [tattoos] are another way for me to express myself as an artist,” Jacks said. 

“An olive branch symbolizing the peace me and my wife have, being peacemakers,” Jacks said. 


Mathematics teacher Hailey Sherman

With all her favorite flowers arrayed on her arm, this tattoo displays a meadow. “I loved fairies and all that stuff growing up, so I wanted [the tattoo] to have a farie’s perspective,” math teacher Hailey Sherman said.

Sherman has a matching tattoo with her father who recently passed. “It’s a V tail Bonanza,” Sherman said. ”My dad has always dreamed of owning a plane when he was growing up. He was a pilot, and aviation was a big thing for him. We talked about it a lot, so we got matching tattoos.”


Science teacher Kris Phillips

As Science Teacher Kris Phillips’ thirteenth tattoo, he tattooed the number thirteen since it’s his favorite number.

”Most stories with people getting underaged tattoos in Mexico isn’t a good thing,” Phillips said.

As his first tattoo he dedicated a memorial for two of his close friends who passed away in a car crash his senior year. “I got it when I was 17 years old on a field trip to New Mexico,”

Representing his daughter, Phillips’ tattoo shows a unicorn wielding a rainbow horn. “Having my daughter was a difficult process that led to a lot of miscarriages, so the unicorn essentially represents the [daughter] that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to have,” Phillips said.

A meat lover’s tattoo, Death Before BBQ. “I think if your barbecue needs BBQ sauce, it’s probably not good barbecue,” Phillips said. 

A Harry Potter tattoo featuring Tom Riddles’ diary can be spotted easily for any Harry Potter fan.

Phillips said his most asked about tattoo is a crossed out music note. “It’s actually a symbol for a band called Showbread,” Phillips said.