Five movies and shows to help you fall into autumn

Fall has been one of my favorite seasons since I was a kid. From colorful leaves to candy corn, the season is perfect. These movies and shows have been things I’ve rewatched every year when this season begins. Here’s a list of classic fall movies and shows that will get you into the fall spirit.


I first saw this movie as a kid, and it has been in my head ever since. “Coraline” is the perfect animated fall movie to immerse yourself in. The movie follows Coraline (Dakota Fanning), a bright eleven year old girl. Her family moves to a new house and she finds a portal to a parallel world. The world seems perfect, but it is hiding something sinister. The entire setting and background are perfect for fall; the eerie setting and dark themes throw you into a hauntingly beautiful world, making this movie an instant classic. 

“Dead Poets Society”

“Dead Poets Society” is a movie that follows Mr. Keaton (Robin Williams) as he becomes the new English teacher at an all-boys preparatory school. The first time I watched this, I bawled my eyes out — watching the growth and plot of this movie was a lot to take in. This movie is full of emotion and great acting, and it has a captivating story. The plot-filled movie is a perfect example of a well directed piece. It keeps its autumn feeling by pulling us through the start of their school lives, and its constant feelings of new freedom and emotions make you feel like you’ve stepped through a row of trees shedding their leaves in the fall. 

“Gilmore Girls”

“Gilmore Girls” is a show that tells the story of single mom Lorelei Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her daughter Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). After moving, they both go after their own ambitions: Lorelei’s love life and Rory’s path to Yale. The show displays their journey through different stages of their lives, and gives entertaining and relatable content. Watching this, I felt really connected to their journey, and going back to this show feels like meeting an old friend. It’s comforting seeing their journey and life events progress from the start. From Rory heading to school, and the constant changes and growth, to the almost constant autumn setting, this show oozes feelings of this great season.


“Matilda” is a movie about Matilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson), a girl with extraordinary intelligence and powers. The movie follows her and her teacher, Miss. Honey (Embeth Davidtz), who tries to help her out of her rough family situation. I’ve seen this movie rerun on TV so many times, and I’ve never gotten tired of it. The movie is a classic that is filled to the brim with a great plot; watching Matilda make her way out of what was thrown at her as a young child made it feel like I, too, was on a journey.  The themes and school setting are all perfect for autumn in the way that you get the back-to-school feeling, and the muted settings and dull places made it feel like a late October day.

“E.T. the Extra Terrestrial”

“E.T. the Extra Terrestrial” is a movie about an alien stranded on earth. The alien finds a young boy named Elliot (Henry Thomas) who takes care of him. I’ve seen this film multiple times, and I still feel all the hurt and happiness with it. From wholesome interactions to an overarching conflict, this film has everything to keep someone engaged. The movie is heartwarming, wholesome and gives a nostalgic feeling, which is perfect for autumn.