Top five candies to treat your Halloween

The time where everyone dresses up to trick or treat is just around the corner. With several different types of candies being given out each year, everyone always has a hope to get a certain special sweet. Here’s my ranking of Halloween candies I hope to get this year.


  1. Hershey’s Kisses

Who doesn’t love receiving a kiss? This is one of the few things from Hershey that I actually enjoy. The bite-size of Kisses make them easy to appreciate. 


  1. Sour Patch Kids

Watching horror movies will not be the same if you don’t have a bag of Sour Patch Kids to munch on. There is far too much sweetness involved in most candies for a season built on mortal dread. The sour mark left on the tongue speaks to the tart tang of terror left on your soul from the film, and is a refreshing counterstroke to all the sweetness of chocolates. 


  1. DumDum lollipops

Whether you get them after a doctor’s appointment or from trick-or-treating, lollipops are always followed by happiness. As a child, I loved lollipops, and that has not changed. The sweet taste and the final crunch are nothing short of satisfying.


  1. KitKat

KitKats were one of my favorite candies as a child. The chocolate covered wafers just fill my mouth with joy. Every Halloween, I always look forward to having KitKats. As a child, I would search through my candy bags for as many KitKats as I could. The following weeks, I would always have at least one a day.


  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s are undoubtedly delicious. They are a perfect mixture of the chocolate shell and peanut   butter that melts on your tongue. There have not been many moments where I’ve enjoyed the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate, but I’ve never hated these perfect peanut butter cups.