Five elite Einstein Bros. bagels to try for National Bagel Day


Graphic made by Madeline Rivera

Bagels are, hands down, my favorite meal for breakfast. 

Two years ago, my boyfriend and I bonded over our mutual love for bagels at the start of our relationship. We would visit the Einstein Bros. Bagels location near my home on early summer mornings and have a breakfast date in his truck before we spent our day together. 

In hopes to extend my cherished memories of bagels to you, I have compiled my top five bagels from Einstein Bros. Bagels in honor of National Bagel Day on Jan. 15. 

Farmhouse Egg Breakfast Sandwich

A widely loved item of Einstein Bros. enthusiasts is the Farmhouse Egg Breakfast Sandwich. Paired with gravy shmear spread and Cheesy Hash Brown bagels for buns, the Farmhouse reminds me of southern comfort food from my childhood. 

Usually, my boyfriend would order this item and I would sneak a bite, but I find myself ordering the Farmhouse every now and then just to spice up my rotation of bagel sandwiches. I like to pair this sandwich with Einstein’s deliciously cheesy side, Twice-Baked Hash Brown.

Cheesy Hash Brown Gourmet Bagel

Imagine biting into a soft, cheesy cloud. That is what eating a Cheesy Hash Brown Gourmet Bagel feels like. As some close to me may know, there is no side that I love more than potatoes. And potatoes on a bagel? Sign me up! 

Funnily enough, I tried one earlier this week and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I have always seen it on the menu in the drive-thru, but I never bothered to try it seeing as I tend to sway more towards Einstein’s bagel sandwiches rather than their bagels. I finally decided to try it. I ordered the item with my usual sandwich, the Garden Avocado, in case I disliked it. Upon first bite, I was mind-blown. I paired it with simple cream cheese shmear and I can confidently recommend this to anyone who wants a savory and filling breakfast. 

Garden Avocado Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Ah, my favorite. Not to be biased over any of the other bagels on my list, but man, this is the best one on Einstein’s menu. Hands down. No matter how hard I try to order another item, I always come back to the Garden Avocado. 

It’s incredibly fresh. Unlike the other options on this list, excluding the Avocado Toast Bagel, it’s on the leaner side, and I don’t feel too guilty about scarfing it down five minutes after I’ve received it – yes, it is truly that good. The Everything Bagel sandwiched on either side is my personal favorite part. With all the delicious spices, such as onion, garlic and poppy seeds seasoned onto the bagel buns, your mouth is in flavor heaven each bite.

Avocado Toast Bagel

Can you tell I love avocados? Similar to many other people, I fell victim to the avocado toast craze a few years back and it never fizzled away. When I’m not making my own at home, I love Einstein’s twist on avocado toast with its signature item —  a bagel!

I put avocado on everything. Some of my favorite combinations include burgers, dipping chips and turkey sandwiches. The latest addition to that list was bagels after I tried this gem a few months ago. I usually order mine with an Everything Bagel. It’s a healthier, gut-friendly option for breakfast. Bonus points for it being cute to post on your Instagram story. 

Turkey Sausage and Cheddar Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Ending off my list with a simple, yet classic choice — the Turkey Sausage and Cheddar Egg Breakfast Sandwich. Ordering this sandwich is a no-brainer for me. I love everything turkey: turkey bacon, turkey sausage and turkey burgers. 

Sometimes, I need to cleanse my palette, and this sandwich is a perfect option for just that. It is a timeless choice if you’re craving a more generic bagel sandwich without all the crazy add-ons. Similar to the Farmhouse, I order a Twice-Baked Hash Brown as well. It’s a deliciously simple meal to start your day off right. 

Now that you have a few delicious options to choose from, you can wake up extra early Sunday morning and celebrate National Bagel Day the right way.