Five phenomenal styles of pizza to try for National Pizza Day


Saahir Mawani

Check out my favorite styles of pizza for this year’s National Pizza Day!

Pizza has been my go-to comfort food since I was a little kid, and with today, Feb. 9, being National Pizza Day, I’ve compiled a list of my top styles of pizza that are amazing to try, along with corresponding ratings. 

Neapolitan Pizza: 

The Neapolitan pizza is originally from Naples, Italy and is the original pizza. During the 19th century when this was created, poor citizens needed to purchase cheap food that could be eaten easily. This pizza was one of the most affordable options through street vendors. A popular variation is Margherita Pizza. 

I’d rate this pizza a six out of 10 because I’ve had it at various locations and its quality really depends on the place. When I had it in Europe, it was ten times better than any restaurant here in the U.S. The pizza itself is really good, and I love how thin and simple it is. 

New York-Style:  

New York-Style pizza is one of the most famous pizza styles in America and was originally a variation of Neapolitan pizza. It’s known for being a large, foldable slice with a crispy crust. New York-Style has been my go-to all my life; my favorite thing about it is the way it’s simple, yet unique. 

I’d rate this pizza a 10 out of 10 because I love everything about it. It is one of the few types of pizza that can be enjoyed hot and cold, though I prefer it hot and fresh. 

Chicago Style: 

Chicago style pizza, also referred to as deep dish pizza, was invented in Chicago as Italian immigrants were looking for something similar to Neapolitan pizza. The deep dish crust is at least an inch deep which allows room for extra sauce and toppings.

I’d rate this pizza a seven out of 10. I love the thick crust, but sometimes the ingredients being in reverse (slices of mozzarella followed by other toppings) becomes too complex for me.

Sicilian Pizza: 

Sicilian pizza is known for its thick crust and a pillowy dough. It’s a square cut pizza that can be served with or without cheese. The cheese is often under the sauce to prevent it from getting soggy. I’d rate this a six out of 10; it’s really unique, but not exactly my type. 

Chain Style

Chain style pizza consists of the basic Pizza Hut/Domino’s pizza. Although this is definitely a staple for me and many others, it gets boring as it’s just the basic, easy-to-get pizza. I’d rate it a five out of 10, because although it’s simple, it still definitely hits the spot late at night.