A platonic Valentine’s Day


Nyla Smith

Valentine’s Day has been a plague for single people for centuries, but even platonic soulmates can enjoy Valentine’s Day. All you need is one or two people and a few gifts.

For decades, single people have been haunted by Feb. 14. Stores are filled with a disgusting array of red hearts, teddy bears and assorted candies. And though I am no longer single, I know the pain that comes with being alone on the day of love. With that being said, Valentine’s Day isn’t only catered toward those who are fortunate enough to be in a beautiful relationship; all you need are a few gifts and you’ve got yourself a perfect Valentine’s Day. Here are my personal favorites to gift your platonic soulmate this Feb. 14.

Message in a Bottle 

Everyone needs a little reassurance on how great they are as a person, and you can give just that to your platonic soulmate. This gift is both cost-effective and heartwarming; all you need is an old cylinder container, construction or computer paper and a pen. Take 20-30 minutes of your time to write down how much you appreciate your platonic soulmate, as well as some funny comments and inside jokes. Normally, one who isn’t in a relationship might use this time to complain with their friends about how Valentine’s Day is stupid and that couples are “doing too much.” However, instead of spending this time being a hater, you can be a lover and spread happiness and joy with your close friends. Everyone wins.

A Never-Ending Hug 

Everyone is different, which means that friendships and relationships involve people’s different wants and needs. For instance, if your friend likes physical touch and you don’t, take this as an opportunity to make your friend the happiest person alive with a never ending hug. Get your platonic Valentine a body pillow with a celebrity’s, character’s or your face on it. These aren’t one of those weird full-image body pillows, but instead a smaller pillow in the shape of what a stick figure drawing of a human would look like. On this pillow would be a real life headshot of whomever you choose, and the body would be an image of whatever apparel or body type you want. With this gift, your friend can hug you — or whomever they get — whenever they want and you don’t have to suffer. 

Grow a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

This one is a blast from my nostalgic past. I remember leaning over my kitchen sink at the age of 4, watching as my superabsorbent polymer crocodile bobbed in the water and slowly expanded in size. A day later, the once small crocodile was three times its original size, and it felt exhilarating. When growing a random exotic animal in your kitchen or bathroom sink — or bathtub if you dabble in mass production — you feel like you’re creating something unique. That same feeling can come from having a Grow A Boyfriend or Girlfriend toy. If you have a friend who will be lonely on Valentine’s Day, and you fear that their broken heart will be too much to bear, this is the perfect gift to give them. The Grow a Boyfriend/Girlfriend toy is an everlasting gift that will mean a lot to whomever it is given to. These toys can be dried-up and reused, making it an infinite gift that will forever remind your platonic soulmate how much they mean to you. It could also be a gift for yourself — no one’s judging.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

There are a plethora of videos online of couples giving each other gifts of memorabilia, as well as baskets full of their partner’s favorite treats and movies. You can do the same thing for your platonic soulmate. Get a random bucket or basket and fill it with items that remind you of all of the memorable moments that you’ve had with your platonic soulmate. These could consist of embarrassing photos, treats, tangible inside jokes (a piece of paper with a phrase on it or a letter or a physical item that has a hidden meaning) or items you may have received from them in the past. You could treat this package as a time capsule you and your platonic soulmate add to every Valentine’s Day. Disclaimer: at some point, you may have to exchange the bucket for a suitcase.

It’s safe to say that the day of love isn’t reserved for those who are in a relationship, but instead can be celebrated amongst friends. Take this opportunity to show your platonic soulmate some love and remind them how much they mean to you.