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“Rick and Morty’s” seventh season starts fresh

Photo via Adult Swim
Photo via Adult Swim

There have been some complications since the last season of “Rick and Morty.”

Every year or two since 2013, Adult Swim has released seasons of “Rick and Morty,” their most popular show. Last year, the show took a sharp turn from the story’s canon. Instead of the usual wacky episodes, there is a much more defined storyline with antagonists who threaten the multiverse that Rick and Morty live in. 

“Rick and Morty” is a comedy Sci-fi show where Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist with access to the multiverse, moves in with his daughter’s family and goes on crazy adventures with his grandson, Morty. We learn later that Rick isn’t in his original universe, and that he’s only bringing Morty along to disguise himself to find the killer of his wife from his original universe. He learns to love and appreciate Morty and the rest of his family along the way, and, with last year’s season six finale, Rick and the family are closer than ever to finding his wife’s killer, Rick Prime.

The controversy

Up until the last season, both Rick and Morty have been voiced by the show’s co-creator, Justin Roiland, which is where the complications take effect. It was brought to the public that Roiland had been charged with domestic assault and false imprisonment of his partner in 2020. 

To avoid negative publicity, Adult Swim fired Roiland and hired new actors for the main protagonists. Since then, the fans have been disappointed by the new voice of Rick, claiming it doesn’t feel the same. Some fans have even offered to bring in impersonators, but Adult Swim hasn’t commented on their suggestions. However, the trailer was not an accurate representation of the voices, as they were much better in the actual episode.

Fans are in deep fear that without Roiland, the show’s writing will be ruined; however, this has been debunked. The writing team revealed that Roiland barely contributed to the show’s story-writing and that it shouldn’t be affected at all.

First episode thoughts

The first episode had an unusual start to the show’s seventh season, as most seasons start and end with a story-driven episode. Instead, it consisted of little-to-no canon information, and was just silly.

The first episode occurs when one of Rick’s friends overstays a visit and develops alcoholism because of his recent divorce. After the family convinces Rick to put the search for new Rick Prime on pause, he rounds up several returning faces to help him with the situation with his friend. Rick, Squanchy, Gearhead, Bird Person and others meet up to party at bars and clubs, which serves a different, yet laid-back approach to the new season ahead.

It’s refreshing that the writers were fearless in keeping true to the show’s usual process, which consisted of some fun and drama. I expected this to change after season six.

The voice acting for Rick was barely different, despite his new voice actor; his actor did an outstanding job. As for Morty, there just isn’t enough to go off of; the first episode was all about Rick, but from what I did see of him on screen, the same sentiment remains true for him, too.

The trailer for the season did not do the show justice, as my low expectations for the debut episode were shattered, and I can’t wait to see what is to come for this upcoming season.

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Junior Andrew Higgins is a reporter and this is his first year at staff. He spends his free time learning the bass, hanging out with his friends and meeting new people.

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