Singer by day, Dancer by night


The music begins with the unfamiliar beats and lyrics of Korean Pop music. She takes a deep breath and concentrates on the rhythm and starts dancing along with it.

“The Korean dances that I do are just popular dances that are very well known in Korea and lots of other places in the world,” senior Naikai Goffney said. “I’m just happy to hear good music and dance along to it.”

The way Goffney uses her energy is to dance. Since eighth grade, when she discovered Kpop while browsing Youtube, she has been learning to sing and dance along to those songs.

“The reason I like it so much is that it’s different from American dances,” Goffney said. “The music in general is so much more interesting and every single video has a specific dance to it.”

More specifically Korean Pop, or Kpop, has an up beat rhythm and an energetic feeling. Disregarding the language barrier, Naikai still takes time to learn the lyrics and dance moves of every song she encounters.

“I think [Naikai] is actually pretty good at dancing,” Fatina Rehman said. “Sometimes she will randomly breakdown and it’s pretty cool to watch.”

Naikai’s friends love to see her dance during lunch and are very impressed to know that she does something different as she is balancing choir and senior year.

“I think [Naikai’s] pretty amazing,” Senior Anjely Joseph said. “She has a lot of energy and she’s always jumping around to every music she hears. It’s really amazing to see how well she dances to every song.”

Senior year has taken its toll on Naikai and it is a lot of pressure for her to balance her grades and competition for choir.

“Its more difficult for me because I always want to play first,” Naikai said. “I want to dance, have fun and learn cool moves to show people, but I also need to keep my grades up, so to have all ‘A’s’ is hard, so I try to get into the studying first then learn new dance moves.”

Even though Naikai does not know what her career wants to be, she would like to go into that field of work sometime in the future.

“I’m best at anyone playing music and like free dancing using Kpop moves,” shares Goffney.  “That’s what I’m good at.”