Melting your face off: Performer lights up audience with gloves


Lights off, gloves on. Let the light show begin. In your face.

Senior Kenneth Maloney has been “gloving” since his sophomore year. He uses a special type of glove with LED lights in the fingertips which gives the impression of lights dancing in the dark as he choreographs his fingers and hands to the rhythm of the music in front of someone’s face.

He performs with his group, “Aztec Gods” who practice every day after school and perform at every concert they can manage. Their next performance, “Project Blacklight” is held May 8 at 9 p.m. and is sponsored by City Light Events,

“Well I’m pretty good at it, first of all,” Maloney said. “Not a lot of people can do it. Not a lot of people have that kind of coordination in their fingers.”

For King, he said he likes gloving as a way to express himself through music. For Maloney, he gloves to “melt people’s faces.”

“Well, that’s what it’s called, but we don’t really, like, melt people’s faces, we just give them light shows and, like, amaze them and look at the reactions,” Maloney said.

Most concerts are about one artist or band, but Maloney and his group would rather go to raves with electronic music, lots of lights and thousands of people. The show starts when the gloves go on.

“You like dance around until someone sees you and they want a show,” Maloney said. “Then based on whatever music is playing in the background … you start off slow to build up to the beat drop, and once the beat drops you go like super fast and, like, in their face and you try to, like, match the music.”

The Aztec Gods gloving group also consists of senior Kory King (captain), senior Danny Carmona (co-captain) and senior Shane Manji and senior Cole Cooper (the other members).

“We’re pretty close,” Maloney said. “I mean, we were all friends before we decided to the whole gloving group. So, yeah, we’re close. We’re good friends.”

While Maloney does not plan to make gloving a career, he is currently enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and is planning to be an air traffic controller of the United States Navy.

“I don’t really see myself like taking [this] as like a career or anything,” Maloney said. “It’s just a hobby. If I’m at concerts, I’ll bring my gloves.”

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