The More The Merrier: Math teacher adopts locally


The clock ticks away as the school day is nearing to a close. Foundations of College Math teacher James Rodgers anticipates going home to his children’s bright smiling faces. In 2008, Rodgers and his wife started the adoption process through the Hope Cottage Foster to Adopt program.

In November of 2010 they received a call that they were chosen for two boys. Blake (4) and Austin (3) finally came to their home in 2011 after being in 10 different foster homes.

Paint spilled and shrill little boy voices were heard in the driveway. There is never a dull moment with Austin and Blake, according to Rogers.

“One of the funniest things that happened was when the boys and their two friends found a gallon paint can and a small can of varnish in the garage,” Rogers said. “They painted each other, spilled it all over the driveway, painted my guitar and put little varnish handprints all over my wife’s car. I guess it wasn’t funny at the time, but later on it sure was.”

The biggest obstacle was in the selection process,” Rogers said. “Through the Foster to Adopt program, when children become available, each agency can submit three prospective parents. There are around 400 agencies in the state of Texas so we had to compete against 1,000 couples for placement of children.”

Rodgers frequently tells funny stories about Austin and Blake in his classes.

“Listening to their laughter is one of the greatest sounds and some of the most fun moments we’ve had with the kids,” Rodgers said. “Watching them continue to grow and develop from where they were when we got them to where they are now.”