Potential of a passion

Jaylon Lott purses his football dream


Photo by Justin Shoenemann

Sophomore Jaylon Lott has a lot on his plate. It’s his second year of high school and he’s already found himself juggling a spot on the varsity football team, schoolwork and a hectic social life. Since he was 5 years old, Lott has had a passion for football. Lott’s family and the Dallas Cowboys were some of his many inspirations growing up.

“My mom and my brother are both very [motivational],” Lott said. “They love watching me play and [always] push me to do better.”

When athletics started in seventh grade, Lott was already ahead of the game. He had been to the camps, practices and knew about football before tryouts. Lott made advanced teams in each grade starting in middle school. He describes himself as a hard worker who does whatever he can to improve.

“I work out constantly,” Lott said. “I stay at the gym or on the field constantly, always [lifting] weights, practicing footwork, or trying to improve myself in whatever way I can.”

Although his heart is reserved for football, Lott also has schoolwork and friends to keep up with. High school takes up a large portion of the day as it is, but getting good grades and keeping friends doesn’t come without challenges.

“[I] lose a lot of sleep,” Lott said. “We [have] to be at school for football around 6 [a.m.], and sometimes I don’t get [to] study until after midnight. You [sometimes have to] sacrifice sleep to do what you love.”

With only two more years of highschool left, Lott has already started planning for the future.

“I plan on playing football in college,” Lott said. “Maybe even [professionally], if I can make it. With all the work I do, I know it’s possible if I just apply myself and keep doing what I’m doing.”