A home for Chloe

Junior recollects on process of adoption and development of music

December 20, 2017

Before junior Chloe Bergman was even born, her birth mother already had plans for her; those plans included finding a new family for Chloe who could offer her a better life. Chloe’s birth mother found Mark and Christina Bergman, who wanted a child but could not have their own. Chloe’s birth mother’s wish came true when they chose to adopt Chloe and brought her into their lives.

Today, Chloe is used to the fact that she was adopted because her parents always talked to her about the process of being adopted at a young age. Christina said when it was the time to tell Chloe, she was never nervous because Chloe had always been familiar with what adoption was since she was born and they have friends and family members who had adopted children or were adopted.

“I practiced telling Chloe she was adopted ever since she was a baby so that she had always heard about adoption,” Christina said. “Since she grew up hearing about adoption, it was not new to her by the time she was old enough to understand. I had been talking to her about it for years by the time she could really understand.”

While developing a relationship with her adoptive family as she grew up, Chloe also developed a relationship with her birth mother who allowed for an open relationship in which they communicated with one another.

“We send each other emails and she gives me birthday and Christmas presents,” Chloe said. “She gave me a scrapbook a long time ago and she wrote it herself. [A poem] was in the back of the scrapbook. I had just come across it recently. She wrote the poem a year after I was born, but I’ve known it about for a year.”

Using the poem and other items in the scrapbook her birth mother gave her, Chloe decided to create a song to tell her story of adoption. With a growing love for music, Chloe said she wanted to make the poem into a song because she felt it had a powerful and meaningful message to it – something she always tries to find when writing songs.

“I wanted to give back to my birth mom and finished the song and showed it to her,” Chloe said. “I went to Nashville to tour Belmont University and we [visited] the Ryman auditorium because I performed there with my church choir before. There was a booth and professional producer there, [so] you could pay to have your song recorded and get a CD of it, so I decided to do that.”

Christina said she is proud of the song Chloe created for her birth mother and loves that she decided to turn the poem into a song. To Mark and Christina, the song demonstrates the moment they were blessed when Chloe was brought into their lives.

“I consider Chloe’s birth mother my own personal angel,” Christina said. “Without her, I would not be blessed with my Chloe. What a gift her birth mother gave her by writing her a poem and now Chloe has used her musical gifts to write a song about it.”

The family said they consider Chloe’s adoption to be a part of God’s plan for them.

“God led us down the adoption path and blessed us with Chloe’s birth mother, who then had faith in God and chose us to be her parents,” Christina said. “Chloe is an absolute gift and blessing to us.”



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