Hebron gone Vogue

Seniors highlight fashion trends of students


Photo by Yusra Waris

Seniors Krista Kummerl and Kayla Kummerl check the pictures they took for their Instagram account. They are looking for additional photographers to help add to the Instagram.

There is Vogue, Elle and Fashion to showcase popular styles around the world; now, there’s Hebron High Fashion to capture the various trends within the school.

After discussing about running a fashion account for Hebron over the summer, seniors Krista Kummerl and Kayla Kummerl created it in late August and now boast almost 400 followers to report to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“We both have always been in love with fashion,” Krista said. “We were just seeing a lot about it…and we thought that it would be cool to kind of integrate that into our school. Because we have the opportunity to wear whatever we want, that’s not only an opportunity to dress nice, but it’s also a really good opportunity to express yourself.”

Krista and Kayla have their own tasks for when they both go out to find students to feature on their account: Krista takes their pictures while Kayla interviews them. They are also looking for additional photographers to add to the account so it can continue after they graduate.

Photo by Yusra Waris
Seniors Krista Kummerl and Kayla Kummerl interview sophomore Danielle Golden for their Friday post.

“The hardest part of it is finding people and interviewing them,” Kayla said. “ We can’t do it during passing period because seven minutes isn’t enough, so usually block lunch is the time we take pictures. There’s three different things we have to do, we have to take pictures, we have to get a quote from them and a name, and then we need to find out where each piece is from. We usually end up taking eight minutes max.”

Krista said they do not look for specific styles or trends for their posts, but people expressing themselves in different ways.

“I love expressing myself through fashion and so I wanted to showcase how others do that as well,” Krista said. “You can sometimes see the thought they put into their outfit and I just think that’s really cool. I think it’s really interesting that you can almost find a part of them in their fashion and so I think the main purpose of it is just to show the diversity of students.”