Worrying for two

Math teacher prepares for birth during pandemic


photo provided by Abriana Snipes

Snipes sits in her classroom on the day she became 33 weeks pregnant. She is currently eight months pregnant.

People have many things to be concerned about in today’s world – lock down orders, overfilled hospitals, online work and school as well as a lack of general supplies. Now imagine, adding on top of that, the birth of your first child. 

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, pre-calculus teacher Abriana Snipes is due to give birth to her first child in about three weeks. Snipes has had to adjust to both pregnancy and online schooling during quarantine. 

“I’m concerned [the birth] might be unsanitary for me,” Snipes said. “I’m nervous some doctors and nurses may not be completely covered and maybe my child and I will be exposed [to Covid-19].”

Snipes’s doctor has said the hospital is low on medical supplies such as masks and surgical gowns, which has not eased her mind. 

“I’m very concerned with the delivery,” Snipes said. “I’m worried about how they are going to keep it as sanitized as possible without the supplies they need.”

After a case of Covid-19 was confirmed in Denton County, LISD switched to online classes. The change has led to online meetings and work done online and submitted through Canvas. After reviewing for two weeks, teachers now have to start teaching new content. To do so, more meetings have been scheduled and teachers are now making videos to teach the lesson. 

“The hardest thing with going to online classes is that I’m not able to reach out to every student,” Snipes said. “There are interactions in a classroom that you can’t get online. I miss being in the classroom because I can talk to students more and it is not all just education.”

During pregnancy, changes in the immune system can make mothers more at risk to certain illnesses such as colds and the flu. Snipes has avoided going to public areas except for doctor visits, where she goes alone, FaceTiming her husband throughout. As of now, when she gives birth, only one other person will be allowed to be with her. 

“I hope they don’t change that,” Snipes said. “[The doctors] said they might say no one. That would be sad.”

Although Covid-19 has introduced a new concern for Snipes and cancelled plans for her husband’s 30th birthday and her baby shower, she has been using this time to do things she wants to do as well. She has found herself FaceTiming her mom and talking to family more often. She has also gone outside and taken walks in her neighborhood more than before. 

“I’m starting to find more times where I’m just enjoying life,” Snipes said. “There is more to life than just working. You get to just slow down.”