Two of a kind

Juniors Casey and Connor Ivanoff work on schoolwork. Casey works in the cafeteria and adheres to social distancing guidelines, while Connor works in the family’s office at home. (Photos by Ian Wright)

They often say twins do things in pairs, yet juniors Connor and Casey Ivanoff could not have taken a more different path this year while deciding between online and in-person schooling.

Connor and Casey have spent their entire lives trying to differentiate themselves from each other – this year seems no different.  Connor is taking all his classes from the comfort of his home, while Casey is attending in-person schooling. 

“Initially, I was pretty scared for school reopening because I wasn’t sure how many measures the school would put in place,” Casey said. “Now that it has started up, I feel much safer due to the school’s protective measures.”

Despite concerns surrounding COVID-19, Casey decided being able to interact with teachers and attend tutorials in-person was an invaluable learning experience which only in-person schooling could offer. 

I definitely think in-person will give me a much better learning experience and benefit me the most in the end,” Casey said. “Although, I still think in many ways Connor got the better option, because he gets to stay home, relax and take breaks whenever he wants.”

Despite having two different schedules, their lives are not as hectic you as might think. Connor said their family is still able to spend quality time together. 

“Our school schedules are different, but our after-school lives are basically the same,” Connor said. “We both finish school, work on homework, and relax at similar times.”

Connor has a much more flexible schedule, as he is able to design his own schedule at a pace comfortable to him, which he said has mental health benefits. He said being able to wake up later and work in a more comfortable environment enhances his learning and decreases stress.

“I wake up around 7:30 a.m.,” Connor said. “I usually go for a quick walk, eat breakfast, and then begin my daily lessons at 8:30 a.m. Casey wakes up at around 6:30 a.m., gets ready for school, and leaves around 7:40 a.m. Unlike Casey, I get to relax in the morning and eat a good breakfast.”

Connor and Casey both agree that the schedules they picked were best fit for them. Connor prefers being able to pace himself, while Casey prefers the structure of in-person schooling. 

“I think me and [Connor] chose paths which were best for us,” Casey said. “We both learn in different ways, and the choice between online and in-person learning is up to what kind of person you are.”