Q&A: Get to know your senior class officers

Seniors Kelis Armstrong, Paige Zagumny, Kaitlyn Hoang and Amanda Foy pose outside of the school. The four were elected as student council officers and will also serve as Senior Class officers.

Photo by Ian Wright

Seniors Kelis Armstrong, Paige Zagumny, Kaitlyn Hoang and Amanda Foy pose outside of the school. The four were elected as student council officers and will also serve as Senior Class officers.

For the 2021-2022 school year, student council officers will also serve as the senior class officers. This year’s members include Student Council president Paige Zagumny, treasurer Kaitlyn Hoang, senior representative Kelis Armstrong and historian Amanda Foy 

To gain insight into these officers and their plans for the school year, “The Hawk Eye” reached out to ask them a series of questions:


Tell us about yourself. What are your hobbies? Are you involved in any extracurriculars?

President Paige Zagumny: “I really enjoy listening to music [and going to concerts]. Once COVID-19 gets less scary, I would like to finally start attending [concerts again] and try to find good tickets. [Outside of that,] I enjoy reading, and I also make T-shirts for events with my mom. [I like] arts and crafts.”

Treasurer Kaitlyn Hoang: “I’m on the Swim and Water Polo team. Water polo isn’t currently a UIL sport, so not a lot of people know about it, but it will be next fall, [and hopefully more people will be interested]. Outside of that, I like hanging out with my friends and singing.”

Senior Representative Kelis Armstrong: “I’m involved in track and field, both inside and outside of school, and I compete competitively in the fall and spring. Besides that, I mainly like to hang out with my friends.”

Historian Amanda Foy: “I’m in Silver Wings, and I’ve been doing dance outside of school since elementary school.” 


Why did you decide to run for your position in StuCo? What made you interested?

Zagumny: “I’ve been in Student Council since my freshman year, so I really liked the idea of getting more involved in the organization. I enjoy event-planning, whether it be for birthday parties or events with friends, and the Student Council allowed me to do just that. [One major part, however,] was when I attended a [Texas Association of Student Councils] summer camp in San Antonio. I was told to [pursue my goals] and to run for president if I really wanted to — something which resonated with me and sparked my interest in this position.”

Hoang: “My sophomore year, I really wanted to be a part of Student Council, so I ran for junior class representative and got it. My good friend was the treasurer last year and loved her position, and she told me I could always ask her questions and she would advise me. [This, combined with the fact that] it was a position with more responsibility that would allow me to [get more involved], really sparked my interest.”

Armstrong: “I just wanted to do something that would help better our student body and class as a whole. Because of COVID-19, a lot of school events [were canceled last year] and weren’t as fun as they used to be, so I wanted to be in a position to help make sure everyone has a good time at school.”

Foy: “I ran for junior representative last year and historian this year because I wanted to become more involved. There are a lot of people in StuCo, so it can be hard to share your opinion, but I’d like to help [make people more comfortable doing so by] having a more active role.”


How will you apply your past leadership to your role as an officer this year?

Zagumny: “Last year, I spent a lot of the time helping the previous president Courtney Case. I assisted her in getting things done and also attended events if she wasn’t able to. Because of this, I was able to learn a lot of what the president does and their duties.”

Hoang: “[For me,] the main thing [I’ll apply] is social skills. I was a really quiet person last year, but my position as junior representative helped me meet new people and start communicating with more people in our grade.”

Armstrong: “I’m a leader in Young Life and I’ve been a varsity track and field athlete since freshman year. Being in these roles will help me as a senior representative because they’ve taught me important skills like communication, and especially [how to] help motivate people. In track, when people aren’t excited for workouts, I try to encourage them [as much as possible] as a leader.”

Foy: “Last year in my position, I was new to being an officer, so I had to rely on a lot of help. Because of this, I grew a lot and learned things such as better communication skills and helping to facilitate other peoples’ ideas within the Student Council.”


What are your main goals as an officer? Do you have any specific future plans?

Zagumny: “This year, [my] main goal is to try to have as many events as possible within the limits of COVID-19 precautions. We want to make sure that people, especially seniors, can enjoy this year’s activities such as the homecoming dance which [wasn’t] able to happen the last two years. Also, since the stadium doesn’t have any capacity limits this year, we’d like to try to get more people involved in the student section.” 

Hoang: “My main goal as treasurer is to raise more money. Because of COVID-19, we lost a lot of fundraising opportunities due to the fact we didn’t have events such as the homecoming dance.”

Armstrong: “My No. 1 goal is to make sure everyone knows about Student Council and tries to get involved. I’ve always wanted to make sure people who aren’t involved in something can find something. Even if it’s not necessarily Student Council, I would like to inspire people and get them excited about becoming more involved at Hebron.”

Foy: “As an officer, my main goal is to just help make sure everyone in Student Council is participating and actively getting involved. I would also like to help improve school spirit and the school overall.”