The name’s Bond. Lauren Bond.


Photo via Lauren Bond

Junior Lauren Bond places medals around the necks of those walking in the “Hope Walk 2021.” As Mrs. DFW’s Outstanding Teen, Lauren makes appearances at events around North Texas including events in accordance with The Special Olympics and other charity organizations.

A gasp escaped her mouth. She didn’t even mean to let out a sound; it just happened. As everyone’s eyes turned to her and began applauding, she realized what had happened. The crown being placed on her head confirmed that she was being crowned “Mrs. DFW’s Outstanding Teen.”

After competing in her first pageant over a weekend in September, junior Lauren Bond was given her new title by the Miss North Texas/DFW Scholarship Organization on Sept. 26, which is affiliated with the Miss America Organization. The competition entailed four phases of competition, including talent, poise, fitness and interview. Because she was crowned, Lauren is now a candidate for the 2022 Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen competition in June. 

“I really did not expect to win,” Lauren said. “I messed up in my solo, but obviously when you’re the one competing you think you did worse than you actually did. I was just in shock. It was just such a great feeling of accomplishment. I’m excited for what the future holds and how much I can develop and grow.”

Lauren’s cousin, Katherine Omo-Osagie, is also involved in pageantry and was crowned Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen of 2021. Lauren said it wasn’t even a thought in her mind to begin the program after her cousin participated and won. 

“I grew up in the dance world, and I always wanted to model but it seemed [like an] unrealistic career path,” Lauren said. “I kind of gave up on it, but then my cousin had decided to enter into a pageant for scholarship reasons. I took after her, not knowing what I was getting myself into, and here I am now. Going into the pageant world, I thought it would be very catty, but all the girls are super nice. It’s an amazing program and I’d recommend it to a lot of people.”

Lauren’s father, Dr. Michael Bond, said he and Lauren’s mother, Karen Bond, were pleasantly surprised at her win. Michael said Lauren took the initiative to begin the process of applying to the competition, and he is glad she has had many positive experiences with the program so far. 

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“I think it’s great for confidence building,” Michael said. “It’s not just about beauty, it’s the whole package – talent, intelligence, being able to think and then how you present yourself. It’s a great thing, particularly for females, as they move on in their life and I completely support it.”

As part of the competition, Lauren created a Social Impact Initiative, “Different People Make a Difference,” which she uses to help erase the negative perception people have on others’ differences. Through it, she discusses how after being diagnosed with scoliosis, she used the negativity that ensued to discuss how other ‘different’ people’s stories impacted their lives. 

“I grew up with an autistic brother, and I never really understood his outlook on life,” Lauren said. “When I got diagnosed with scoliosis, it [was] kind of like I had my own battle to face. After my surgery I looked back on my whole journey and realized that I shouldn’t [consume] all that negativity and instead I should make it an advantage. I’m now using that to speak up for people [who] are so surrounded by negativity following their differences [so] we can use that and make it an advantage.”

Lauren had scoliosis surgery on July 29, 2020. She said that because she has kept herself physically healthy through dance her entire life, her recovery process went well. 

“Her story is interesting,” Michael said. “She had major back surgery a year and a half ago. It was a life changing experience for her, in a good way. She is a very accomplished dancer and she had to take time off and reflect on healing. She has embraced it and I’m really proud of her for her initiative and just not letting that slow her down. She’s a highly motivated kid.”

The Miss Texas’s Outstanding Teen competition will occur in June 2022. Lauren is also planning on making an appearance in Orlando at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition to support the other women in the program, even if she doesn’t win Miss Texas. 

“I’m really excited to grow my Social Impact Initiative – that’s my biggest goal,” Lauren said. “I really hope [I can] win Miss Texas so I can grow my social impact initiative. National [recognition] would be amazing. I just think it’s something that would help a lot of people, especially in this generation. I’m here to grow my cause and lift these people up, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do even if I [don’t] win.”