Hawks Uncovered: Counseling and mental health teacher Jacqueline Rans


Madeline Rivera

Counseling and mental health teacher Jacqueline Rans smiles in front of the class display featuring two mirrors with positive affirmations attached to them. The display, made by her students, is designed for people walking in the halls to see their reflection and appreciate themselves.

Editor’s Note: “Hawks Uncovered” is a series that tells the often unknown stories of Hebron students and staff.

A classroom of pregnant women observe a presentation instructing them on how to properly change a diaper. The instructor, Jacqueline Rans, points at the step-by-step diagram on the board as the mothers wrap diapers on plastic baby dolls. Rans walks around the classroom, checking on each mother. Once each woman was ready to deliver their baby, she would be present at the birth to congratulate her student and welcome them into motherhood. 

After graduating from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in family studies, Rans decided she wanted to make an impact in society — whether it be as a counselor, teacher or social worker. From a young age, her passion has been to offer guidance to those who need it the most. Thus, Rans began working as a labor and delivery teacher at Medical City Lewisville in 2003.

The job consisted of high and lows for her; being a labor and delivery teacher was not for the faint of heart, said Rans. There were unfortunate situations in which mothers or their newborn babies would pass away unexpectedly before, during or after birth – mothers who Rans felt as though were part of her own family.

As her fifth year began, the job crisis of 2008 prompted staff reduction at the hospital and resulted in Rans leaving the education department. With a passion in her heart to continue to advocate and teach others, Rans made the decision to join Hebron as a family and consumer science teacher shortly after. 

Now, as she enters her tenth year of teaching at Hebron, Rans has taught every class in the family and consumer science department. She enjoys keeping up with her students’ achievements and goals after graduation the most. The internal desire to watch others flourish through her help is nurtured as she observes her students grow into independent young adults.

This year, Rans teaches counseling and mental health, the newest addition to the family consumer science electives. During the 18-week class, students delve into the history of psychology, life stages of development and the importance of mental health. Rans offers testimonials from both former students and local psychologists to help her students understand the importance of their personal mental health. 

Rans has plans to increase the course’s exposure to the student body, such as creating a student-run podcast hosted by her class periods to introduce the conversation of mental health struggles in teenagers. As for now, Rans is making her personal impact, that exact impact she hoped to create during college, as a support system for all students who find themselves in room 1455, and more.