Hawks Uncovered: The 2023 prom queen and king


Peyton Kuschmeider

Seniors Melody Ebrahimi and Josh Park stand next to each other after they were announced as prom queen and king. Ebrahimi and Park are both heavily involved in school as the class president and the president of HASA.

Editor’s Note: “Hawks Uncovered” is a series that tells the often unknown stories of Hebron students and staff.

Melody Ebrahimi 

Shouts of excitement erupted. The prom queen and king had just been announced. Melody Ebrahimi was in shock and joy as she went up to receive her sash and crown. She said there were so many other capable candidates that she never expected to follow her sister’s footsteps in becoming prom queen. 

From the start, Ebrahimi knew she wanted to do something important. She began her path into student leadership by going up for class representative her freshman and sophomore year through Student Council. As a junior, she was elected class secretary and as a senior, was elevated to the position of class president.

As class president, Ebrahimi is involved in events such as deciding the prom theme, organizing events, saying the school announcements and collaborating with different people in administration and the student body. She said her role as class president has really paved her future, despite the responsibility and pressure that comes with it. 

Ebrahimi has committed to attending Baylor University to major in marketing and business. She hopes to join organizations at Baylor and participate in their student government to continue her academic involvement. Her big dreams, however, couldn’t have been done without her family. 

Ebrahimi’s sister is a huge support system and inspiration in her life. She said her sister is always there for her, especially when it comes to advising her on how to be a good class president. Her mom has also given her endless support, and she concludes that they are part of the reason she got through high school. 

After experiencing high school, Ebrahimi said she’s learned to prioritize having fun instead of stressing over small things that will not matter in the future. She advises underclassmen that despite the importance of taking AP classes and being involved, the biggest thing is to really enjoy every moment of your high school experience. 

Josh Park 

Josh Park was so swept up with being a prom king nominee and planning the event itself, that he wasn’t even thinking about becoming prom king. That changed when he heard his name announced and he beamed as cheers chorused from his friends behind him. Park said he felt loved and completely shocked as he accepted his crown. 

Park is the president of HASA (Hebron Asian Student Association), participates in band as a clarinet player and is the secretary of Student Council. His involvement in school has opened him up to meeting a lot of people, and to see those people cheering for him made it worth it. 

Park said that senior year has been an accumulation of his entire high school experience, and it feels rewarding and satisfying for him to be so close to finishing it out. He has committed to UT Austin and is planning to major in biochemistry to eventually become a dermatologist. 

Park said being at Hebron has taught him how to get out of his shell and use uncomfortable moments as stepping stones to grow. Taking on leadership positions has taught him to organize and manage time, even under pressure. His main takeaway is that finding what you enjoy and pursuing that, under good circumstances for your mental health, is one of the most important aspects of high school.