Hawks Uncovered: Lifetime nutrition and wellness and child development teacher Meredith Perkins


Eyesha Sadiq

After one year teaching at Hebron, lifetime nutrition & wellness and child development teacher Meredith Perkins has decided to go back to her roots. Perkins is an alumnus at Lewisville High School and will be teaching family consumer science there to seniors next school year.

Editor’s Note: “Hawks Uncovered” is a series that tells the often unknown stories of Hebron students and staff.

“You’re going to be a teacher.” 

It’s what she had been told her entire life; that her leadership skills would be perfect for education. Meredith Perkins didn’t think so. Still wanting to pursue a career in helping people, she packed her belongings and headed to Texas Tech to study nursing, but the promise of education never slipped her mind.

Ten years later, after a year of teaching at Hebron, Perkins is preparing to return to her roots and teach family consumer science at Lewisville High School starting next school year.

Perkins has taught every single grade through Aubrey ISD, Denton ISD and Little Elm ISD. Her favorite age to teach is high school because of the deep connections and memories she is able to make with all her students. The thought of how food helps your body fascinated Perkins and is the reason she chose to teach lifetime nutrition & wellness and child development. She achieves the goal of teaching students how to build healthy relationships with food by giving them healthy recipes to cook in class. 

Her first grade teacher, Mrs. Curley, is one of the people who built a relationship with Perkins and helped her become who she is today. Curley has worked in Lewisville ISD for 25 years and recently moved to West Texas. Perkins hopes to see her one day and give her a hug.

While being a teacher during the day, Perkins spends the majority of her free time after school cooking and baking with her 2-year-old daughter. She is obsessed with watching anime and reading all the new manga, as well as collecting many action figures from her favorite shows and using them to bring her classroom to life. 

Since Perkins is a Lewisville High School alumnus, she’s excited to see the old traditions of the school from a different perspective. She already has a close connection with the staff and can’t wait to grow her relationship with them. Although she is leaving Hebron, Perkins has made lifelong friends in the family consumer science department. She will miss her students, but is excited to see new opportunities in her teaching career by teaching food science next year to Lewisville seniors.