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Hawks Uncovered: Junior Carys Sherer

Krista Fleming
Junior Carys Sherer poses with a laptop and an American flag. To contribute to Carys’ website, one can email [email protected].

Editor’s Note: “Hawks Uncovered” is a series that tells the often unknown stories of Hebron students and staff.


There’s always been a fire in her eyes and an argument at the tip of her tongue. 

As a toddler, junior Carys Sherer was stubborn and hot-headed, earning her the title “Little Lawyer” from her parents. She would argue back about what she believed to be right, laying out case after case at rapid speed. 

As she grew older, that passion gave way to current events and faded into a passion for politics and law. She learned about environmentalism and climate change, which left one question playing on loop in her head: 

“What can I do to fix this?”

Carys fell deeper into politics and law, and began to look into internships. The more she looked into politics, the more she realized how much of the political media was geared toward older people. Through competing in Congress in the school’s debate program, she learned how many of her peers shared her interests, yet had no place to put it out there. 

In June of last year, Carys decided she had enough and created The Next Voter — a website for youth voices to curate their own content and put it into the world. The website publishes political and legal opinions and informational pieces from contributors, named and anonymous. 

Carys said she hopes to expand the website into a place where other people are consistently sharing their own voices and opinions through podcasts and blogs. She said it is almost a selfish urge — she enjoys people listening to what she has to say, and she wanted to share that feeling with others.

Through writing political opinions and legal informational pieces, along with debate, Carys figured out how to use her passions to continue helping others find their voices: law. 

After she goes to law school, Carys plans to work for a large business in corporate law until she has enough money to start her own business. She then wants to do consultation at cheaper prices so that smaller businesses can afford it, as she doesn’t want legal aid to put anyone into deep debt. 

For now, she plans to continue debate and expand her website’s reach, sharing other people’s voices one click at a time. 

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About the Contributor
Krista Fleming
Krista Fleming, Managing Editor
Junior Krista Fleming is the managing editor and this is her third year on staff. She enjoys reading, teaching preschoolers and volunteering.

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