Photo Gallery: iFLY indoor skydiving center

Olivia Bragg
iFLY instructor demonstrates an upside-down flying position

The wind rushes up causing the clothes, faces and bodies of ordinary people to flap at 120 mph. Each customer who enters hangs suspended, attempting to spin or move up and down the 14 feet chamber. Human flight is now within grasp.

iFLY, recently built outside Stonebriar mall, offers this experience with an indoor vertical skydiving wind tunnel. Any skydiver, from beginners to professionals, can enjoy flight and will have an instructor in the chamber for safety.

“What person hasn’t dreamt of flying before?” staff member Christen Johnson said. “A lot of people are able to attempt that through skydiving, and we have eliminated a lot of the risk factors associated with it. We can take flyers as young as three and old as 103, so anyone can participate and it’s a lot of fun.”

iFLY is the only indoor skydiving center in the Dallas area. The “Earn Your Wings” package for beginners starts at $60, but Costco offers discounts to lower the price.