Photo gallery: senior dodgeball game

The senior dodgeball game took place on March 16 with the senior team, ‘D1 and ½,’ coming out on top over ‘Knees Weak.’ ‘D1 and 1/2’ advanced to the finals held during fourth period on March 23.

Two teacher teams, Team 1 and Team 2, went head-to-head in the first half of the event to determine who would advance to the final round. The second half consisted of the championship game between two senior finalist teams, ‘Knees Weak’ and ‘D1 and ½.’

“The senior teams were just so into it this year,” student council president Spencer Roark said. “Both of those two teams were there last Wednesday to win the championship. You could cut the tension with a knife. The air was very tense between the two teams.”

Team 1 and and team D1 and ½ battled it out in the final round of the game and the senior team, ‘D1 and ½,’ emerged victorious.