Holiday lights at Deerfield


Ever since I was a child, I can remember visiting Deerfield, a neighborhood in Plano known for their holiday lighting. I always had the highest expectations in decorations and was always amazed by what was put out.

Without fail, I always had a smile as we drove around the neighborhood, admiring the lights, figurines, animatronics and music with our windows rolled down and seats reclined. I’d always catch myself humming along to the songs as we pass by.

Upon entering the neighborhood, I was greeted with a bright welcome of hundreds of lights gleaming on my face. As I look out the car, I see people walking their dogs, children yelling on carriages pulled by horses, and people everywhere dressed as Santa. We usually got lost weaving through the streets filled with cars of people equally amazed.

This lighting doesn’t just bring one neighborhood together, but people from around Dallas. They gather for the entertainment and pleasure of being with friends and families and getting to enjoy a celebration of a season.