Photo Gallery: Kindness Convocation

LISD kicks off school year with second annual kindness campaign

LISD held its second annual kindness convocation at Lewisville High School to promote the LISD Be Kind campaign on August 8. This event hosted students from all five high schools – Hebron, Marcus, Lewisville, The Colony, and Flower Mound – and featured speakers such as community leaders and students.

“We are in a time where I think we have forgotten what it means to just be a kind human,” Student Council sponsor Jennifer Russell said. “So when we have events like this that encourage kindness, it helps to better our entire community so we can continue to pass it forward onto our friends, and their friends and eventually on to generations.”

The convocation was a warm-up for the second annual “Kindness Week” on August 19-23 in all LISD schools. This week will be student-led by the Kindness Ambassadors who attended the event, and each day will feature a new dress-up theme and social challenge.

“I don’t think that there can be too much kindness in one place,” Student Council vice president Courtney Case said. “So I think that by getting more people involved as a kindness ambassador can help uplift our school and spread positivity.”