Infographic: Paying for college

The cost of attending college can cause a deep sense of stress. “The Hawk Eye” sent out a Google Form that asked 311 students, “are you stressed about paying for your college education?” Out of those students, 63.3% said yes, while 36.7% said no. When being asked how students plan to pay for tuition a majority, 76.7% students, selected the scholarships option. The least amount, 29.8% students, selected the FAFSA/government aid.

“College is expensive, it is very very expensive,” senior Lindsey Peterson said. “I applied for everything. I don’t know if I’m going to get anything back but I applied for every scholarship I could get my hands on – FAFSA, LEF, a whole bunch of school scholarships for the individual school, organizational scholarships [and] I’m working a bunch.”