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An in-depth look into the 2016 presidential election

February 17, 2016


As the November presidential elections draw near, and primaries are in action around the nation, people are left wondering the fate of the Oval Office. Contrary to previous elections, there is no clear front runner from either party. Below, we break down all the information to explain who is running, the primary process and the results of the mock primary.

First, let’s explain some of the lingo:

primary: where registered voters (must be at least 18 years old) vote to determine the party nominee

caucus: a meeting held by officials in the political party to choose the nominee to represent the party

GOP: grand old party, commonly known as the Republican Party

endorse: to publically support a candidate

Super Tuesday: a designated day for the majority of southern states, including Texas, to conduct its primaries.


drawn by Yusra Waris




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Change Jar: Voting

Gabriel Evans, 12: “I think voting means that I’m contributing how America is going to be for me and everybody around me. I feel like a lot of people will say that they want the world to change, they want America to change in particular but they don’t really do anything about it- if you don’t vote then you aren’t trying to fix it. I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, I really like his ideals on free college- I’m not sure if I agree with 90% tax rate, it’s kind of insane, but I feel like if anything is going to come out of what he’s doing is going to benefit a lot of people.”
Jj Kim, 10: “Voting gives you a freedom as who you want as president- I think that’s what it means for most people. I’m voting for Bernie Sanders mainly because I heard that he’s giving free college tuition.”
Alysha Panjawani, 10: “Voting means being an active citizen and putting your opinion out there to make a positive difference in the community. I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, I feel like his ideas can help the society as a whole, help our country develop more and specific things about his campaign really stand out to me based off of comparisons to other candidates, so I think he would be the best option.”
Mitchell Anderson, 11: “Voting is  important because I feel like I have a voice and I make a difference in America and what the future holds. I’m voting for Ted Cruz because I’m more of a conservative and I don’t like the liberal views of Hillary Clinton”

HHS Primary Results


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