One Act advances to bi-district


Hawk Theatre Company One Act Play advances through Zone and District.

The theater UIL One Act cast and crew will perform Pinocchio at the Bi-District level of the One Act competition March 24 at McKinney Boyd High School.


Pinocchio advanced through the Zone level of the competition March 7. After receiving criticism from a judge, the cast and crew made adjustments to the show prior to its second round of competition.


“I’m really excited about advancing,” senior Alexis Geddie said. “I think we’re really good as a company and as working as a team. This show has a lot of potential and I’m excited to see what we can continue to do with our show.”


On March 17, Pinocchio performed and advanced at the District level at Flower Mound High School. If theater advances past Bi-District, they will move on to Area. Last year, the One Act Play advanced to beyond Area to State.


“I love the ensemble in our show, and our movements,”  junior Samantha Herndon said. “I personally want to work on moments with other characters, and develop an even deeper understanding of my own character. I’m really excited to continue telling our story, and making it even better.”


The One Act cast has won a number of awards including junior Magnolia Luu and senior Jason Bowden winning Outstanding Technician, juniors Herndon and Joseph Hoffman and senior Caleb Geddie winning Honorable Mention All Star Cast, and junior Caitlin Kresta and Caleb winning All Star Cast.


“I felt really good about our show; it’s a great start to another great year,” Hoffman said. “We still have a lot of work to do, but hopefully, we can get to the place where we got last year.”