Silver Wings to present “Life Highlights” at fourth annual Spring Show


Photo by Shalu Kattuvelil

The Silver Wings will present “Life Highlights” on April 26-28 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. This is the fourth annual spring show.

Silver Wings will present its annual Spring Show show “LIFE Highlights” on April 26-28 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets are on sale on the Silver Wings website for $5 on April 26 and $10 on April 27 and 28.

“The show’s theme is based off of the most infamous “LIFE” magazine covers over the last century,” Silver Wings director Anne Bowling said. “The girl’s dancing recreates the moment in history for each event we cover. Some examples include: 9/11, JFK, Michael Jackson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Vietnam War, Hurricane Katrina and many more. Ballet is ‘Hurricane Katrina,’ jazz is Madonna, Vietnam is tap and small contemporary is taking down the Berlin Wall.”

The Wings began practicing for the show in November with morning rehearsal for two hours on school days and multiple practices on Saturdays. Having practice everyday has allowed the Wings to not only learn the dances, but to perfect them.

“Most people think after football season the Silver Wing season is over,” senior Sydney Lott said. “Right when the season is over, we jump straight into show season. It takes a lot of time and effort to get the dance performances ready. People underestimate the amount of work it takes.”

The highlights show incorporates multiple genres of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop, musical theatre and kick. Students from other organizations such as the men’s choir, orchestra, color guard, dance III and IV, the step team, the Wingmen and DFC will also be apart of the show.

“I love Highlights because [it includes] everything in one show,” junior Cella Linebarger said. “There are happy, funny, serious and uplifting moments.”

Although the weeks leading up to the show are stressful, Lott said she hopes to put on an amazing show, like the ones she has experienced the past three years.

“Sometimes, in practices, it’s hard to tell what the final outcome of the dance will be because we don’t have lighting or an audience,” Lott said. “[But] our team is always able to step up to the plate and pull together in the end.”

With all the work put into the show, senior Katia Ramirez said she would encourage people to come to the show because she believes the audience will be able to relate to the dances in the show.

“I love this show because it showcases that we don’t just [perform] field and pep rally routines,” Ramirez said. “We are so much more than that. It shows our true passion and talents for dancing. Over five months of work for a show that’s about an hour and a half is so worth it because all of our hard work from the whole year pays off. I hope people love Highlights as much as we do.”