LISD art show to continue through March 25


Photo by Sarosh Ismail

The LISD art show is at the MCL Grand on N. Charles St. The MCL Grand strongly encourages visitors to wear masks and reinforces six feet of social distancing.

The annual LISD High School Art Show opened on Feb. 24 and will end on March 25. The artwork is showcased at the MCL Grand, which is open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. The show features work from all LISD high schools, and 18 pieces are from Hebron.

“This contest [theme] was very open,” Hebron art teacher Caleb Jacks said. “There were not a lot of requirements as far as what the students needed to have as a final piece. It’s a 10×10 [inches] show, meaning every piece has to be consistent in size. We have never done anything like that before.”

Jacks said COVID-19 precautions have limited space, in-person attendance and the ability to share materials, prompting the 10×10 theme.

“[COVID-19] got in the way of creating work that we would expect during a normal school year,” Jacks said. “This was just a way to show we’re still creating, building a body of work [and] being active in art as much as we can.”

Junior Bladimir Chamorro is in Drawing II and has a drawing called “Entangled Bravery” displayed in the gallery.

“[I went to see my piece] the first weekend [the gallery] opened with my mom and sister,” Chamorro said. “I’d never seen my artwork in a gallery, so it was nice to see my work on a wall.”

Aslam’s paper sculpture hanging in the gallery. Aslam has had work featured in LISD art shows in the past. (Photo by Sarosh Ismail)

Sculpture II student junior Ameera Aslam entered a piece in the show at her teacher’s encouragement. Using watercolor paper and paint, Aslam created a paper sculpture called “Ocean Eyes.”

“[My piece] was going to be [about] the ocean and pollution, but I had a lot of difficulty,” Aslam said. “I was going to put a plastic bag and a dead fish skeleton, then I asked my dad and he [said] ‘that looks like a person with two ears.’ I [thought] to call it “Ocean Eyes” because to me, it’s the ocean, and to him, it’s a person. It can be up to interpretation.”

Ricker’s illustration hanging in the gallery. This is Ricker’s first time having her art in a show. (Photo by Sarosh Ismail)


Sculpture II student sophomore Jordan Ricker has a piece called “Home Is Where the Heart Is” in the gallery. She made the piece out of prismacolor pencils, pens and markers last year for a Drawing II assignment.

“[The prompt was] ‘What is home in the pandemic?’ So that sparked the idea of home is where the heart is,” sophomore Jordan Ricker said. “I’ve lived in Texas almost my whole life, and [the idea] just came to me. [It’s] just an illustration of where I believe everything is for me.”

All five Hebron art teachers helped with selecting the pieces and hanging them in the gallery.

“As far as a diverse body of work, [the art students] did an excellent job,” Jacks said. “Because everybody teaches a different level, you see all the levels represented. There [are] different styles: paintings, illustrations, drawings [and] sketches.”