TECC East to hold snack drive March 5

TECC East to hold snack drive March 5

Photo Via LISD

TECC East will hold a snack drive-thru & drop off on March 5. Around a week later, the snacks received will be evenly distributed across the district. 

“We usually get a delivery once a month, depending on how the snack drive goes,” counselor Stacy Lovett said. “I would say that it ranges from 200 to 300 snacks per delivery.” 

Once the snacks are delivered to the counselors, they are put into the school pantry where students and teachers can access them.

“If the student needs a snack, all they have to do is come into the counseling office and we will take care of them,” Lovett said. “Our teachers have a snack bag, so that if they have a student that’s really struggling, a snack might benefit them and help their brain get back to functioning right in the classroom.” 

There are no restrictions on what those who donate can bring, though donations have to be individually packaged. 

“A lot of times when people are donating to the snack drives they’ll bring in boxes of snacks, like the bigger containers that have 32 snacks or the boxes of crackers that have maybe 20 packages,” Lovett said.

Lovett said the snack drive holds a deeper meaning than just a quick snack for kids. 

“The reason that we have these snacks drives and the reason that we have these snacks available are because we want to help kids with their brain functioning,” Lovett said. “We know that if a student is hungry or if a student needs some sustenance then that can impact the neurological patterns that are happening in our brains, through our transmitters. So our brain fires more rapidly and more clearly and more precisely whenever our stomach is satisfied. Which is why our snacks are always available and free.”