Opinion: The importance of giving back during the holidays


As the holidays are approaching and festive decorations are being put up around the house, we should also remember what the holidays are truly about: giving back. 

The holidays are a time to appreciate others around us, whether those are our family members, friends or other important people who carry a meaningful purpose in our lives. I believe giving back to our communities shows our appreciation and gratitude for them, and what better time to show appreciation than during the holidays? 

Giving back to people we don’t know should be normal during the holidays. Unfortunately, there are people who are unable to celebrate the holidays due to personal circumstances. The Christmas season should be about spreading cheer even to people you don’t know.

Although there may be financial or time limitations that make it more difficult for some to give back to others,  thinking of those around you and wishing them well is enough. There are always ways to give back to the community, as well as festive-themed ways, especially because it’s the holidays. 

The North Texas Food Bank prepares meals for individuals who may not have the finances to buy a meal. Additionally, Toys for Tots gathers presents to give to children whose families may not be able to afford buying presents. These charities and so many more can be found within your community.

Many people out there do not have the luxury to be able to celebrate the holidays in a warm environment. By giving back to those individuals, you will be able to help impact them in a positive way by being able to feel joy in a time of struggle. Even if it is your close friend, giving back to them can be a great feeling as you are showing your appreciation for them. Wherever you decide to volunteer, giving back to the community during the holidays will impact someone in ways that you might not think of.