Introducing Offensive Coordinator Carr


From Hebron to Wichita Falls and back, Coach Jayme Carr has said he has the experience the school needs for a well rounded football team. We asked about the upcoming season, and what he sees in store for the school’s football team.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]1)      Q: Why did you come back to Hebron?

A: Previously I was a receivers coach, and now I’m the quarterbacks coach and the offensive coordinator. It’s a good opportunity for my family, and a chance to be around good people and good kids.

2)      Q: What does the team look like this year?

A: We have some good athletes, some hard working kids, and lots of opportunities for them. The sky’s the limit for those guys.

3)      Q: What should we expect for this season?

A: They should expect to see us working as hard as we can. Should expect to see us play very disciplined, and hopefully they’ll get to see a lot of fireworks.

4)      Q: How has the team adapted to their new offensive coordinator?

A: A lot of these kids I knew as little kids. Just coming to elementary school camp, junior high camp and stuff like that. It’s not completely new with me coming back. I knew Zach Rogers before, I knew Carson Proffitt before. So the kiddos have really adapted well to that. [So I’m] kind of [familiar] but kind of new as well.

5)      Q: Which players should we look out for?

A: You should look out for Kendall Catching. You should look out for Jamal Adams. You should look out for Treyvon Hughes. You should look out for a couple of young kids [like] Jarret Farley and Brian Drew. And you should look out for Clay Holford. I’ve got a bunch of good players and a bunch of hard workers.

6)      Q: What is your plan for when you go against schools that were a challenge to us last year?

A: We just want to control the ball, and control the game as much as we can. And not give the toughest teams on our schedule any extra opportunities. So we wanna really take care of the football, not fumble. Not throw interceptions. Give our guys a chance to win.

7)      Q: What prompted you to start coaching?
A: I’ve loved athletics all my life. I’ve loved working with kids all my adult life. It’s just kind of those two things, getting to work with kids and getting to be involved in athletics. It’s kind of a match made in heaven for me.

8)      Q: Why are you offensive coordinator?

A: That always appealed to me a little bit more too, the offensive side of the ball, trying to score points. The chest match that goes on during a game, the adjustments you make as an offensive person has always intrigued me, more so than defense.

9)      Q: What position did you play in high school?

A)     I played line backer and receiver