Tennis faces Marcus Tuesday following loss at Allen


Photo by Yusra Waris

Varsity tennis girls practice before heading out to play Allen.

The varsity tennis team will compete in a tournament at Marcus on Tuesday at 3 p.m. On Friday, the team played Allen in a practice tournament and lost 3-16.

“My first match was mixed doubles,” junior Tiffany Smith said. “We played both their number one [players] and we lost 1-8. We weren’t really upset about it because we played well and they are just a super good team.”

The players hope to use this loss as a way to perform better in future tournaments.

“Going forward, we are just doing a lot of practice matches and learning from what we did wrong,” Smith said. “I think that in our next few matches, we will come up more competitive and be ready to fight more than we did now because we saw our true potential [playing against] Allen.”