Dancing through change

Silver Wings’ plans change due to COVID-19


photo by Katlynn Fox

The Silver Wings prepare to perform at halftime during a football game on August 30. After football season ended, the girls started preparing for their annual Spring Show which has been canceled due to COVID-19. “As hard as practices were, I miss them a lot,” captain Mariah McCardell said. “We have a habit of complaining about waking up super early, but at the end of the day, those girls are what got me through those early mornings and now I don’t get to see them. I wish I had taken the time to realize how lucky I am.”

COVID-19 has brought changes to everyone’s lives. Whether it is online-schooling or sports cancelations, everyone has had to adapt to changes. For the Silver Wings, that means adapting and improvising to every change that comes the team’s way.

“Our Spring Show will probably not happen, and our trip to New York shattered right in front of us,” director Anne Bowling said. “ Our seniors lost their Spring Show, their final team trip and our end of the year banquet.”

Before the school’s closure, the Wing’s Spring Show was supposed to be held from April 23-25. The team had been practicing since October and attended many early morning practices. At the Spring Show, seniors are usually honored on the last night, but since the cancelation, each of the 12 seniors will be honored on the Silver Wing’s Instagram account.

“My whole team is sad for the seniors,” Bowling said. The rest [of the girls] know they will get another chance and another opportunity. Our seniors are usually featured, and Captain Mariah McCardell had a solo. We are hoping to still record her solo and post it online. Not the same, but she deserves her moment of celebration for all her hard work as the team captain.”

Along with the Spring Show getting canceled, the teams’ New York trip was called off. It was planned for April 1-5, but after New York City became a hot spot for the virus, the trip had to be canceled.

“ I was really looking forward to seeing the broadway shows,” captain Mariah McCardell said. “We were going to see ‘Frozen’ and do a workshop with someone from the cast.”

Another major change that the Silver Wing’s directors have had to adapt to is the tryouts for next year. Tryouts were supposed to happen the week after spring break, but now will happen virtually. The candidates will receive a video with the required tryout material, and will record themselves performing and submit it to the judges.

“We have all ages trying out, freshmen through juniors,” Bowling said. “We have received permission to move forward from the district, and all the high schools will be conducting virtual tryouts.”

Even though the team is too big for online practice, the girls still get together and video chat with their squads. The team even put together an at-home scavenger hunt in which the social officer called out items that each girl had to find.

“What I appreciate about all of this is that we are reaching out more to check if everyone is OK and surprising each other with gifts,” McCardell said. “I wish we had done that beforehand, because now we are realizing what we took for granted. I got to see those girls every morning at 6:30 a.m., and now I don’t get to see them at all, except through a phone screen, so I wish I had appreciated what I had and really taken the time and effort to let each and every girl know that they are appreciated.”