Girls soccer loses first district game


Peyton Kuschmeider

Junior Tati Diaz high fives her teammates. At the start of every soccer game, each player is individually introduced by the announcers.

The girls soccer team competed against Marcus in its first district game of the season on Jan. 17 at Marcus Marauders Stadium. Marcus won the game with a score of 2-0. 

The game started with a kick by Marcus, which was stolen by Hebron. This caused a Marcus player to fall, but they were not seriously injured. Hebron attempted to score a goal, but the kick was blocked by Marcus’ defense. 

Marcus stole the ball and passed to the opposite end of the field. The player attempted to score, but missed. Shortly following, Marcus attempted to score again, barely missing the shot by hitting the goal pole. 

Hebron made several attempts to score, but Marcus’ goalkeeper blocked each shot. At a final attempt to score, both a Hebron kicker and Marcus’ goalie fell to the ground. Neither were seriously injured, and they assisted each other up afterwards. 

The ball was passed back and forth between teams for several minutes with no attempts to score. Hebron eventually attempted to make a goal, but the shot was blocked by Marcus’ goalkeeper. 

Marcus made one final attempt to score before halftime began, but missed and kicked out of bounds. No goals were made within the first half of the game, starting halftime at a score of 0-0.

Hebron made the first kick of the second half, but no attempt to score was made. After Marcus stole the ball, they scored the first goal of the game, putting the score at 1-0, in Marcus’ favor. 

Hebron made the next kick following Marcus’ goal. Hebron made an attempt to score, but the ball was stolen by a Marcus player and kicked out of bounds. 

After the ball was back in play, Marcus attempted to score. Hebron’s goalkeeper just barely caught the ball and blocked the shot. 

Shortly after, Marcus made another attempt to score, this time, making the goal. This put the game at a score of 2-0, in Marcus’ favor. 

Hebron attempted to shoot a goal, but Marcus’ goalkeeper caught the ball. The Hebron player attempted to kick the ball away from the goalie and shoot again, but missed. 

Hebron sophomore Chloe Nugent got hit in the face with the ball. She was down for several seconds, and suffered a nose bleed. She was forced to sit out for the rest of the game. 

Marcus made one final attempt to score before the game ended, but Hebron’s goalkeeper blocked the shot. The game ended with a Marcus victory at a score of 2-0.

“We have to play with more intensity and fight for the ball,” head coach Robert Vaughn said. “We didn’t fight for the ball as a team today, and we didn’t play as a team today.”