Baseball to play Flower Mound April 6


Photo by Matthew Rutherford

The baseball team will be playing against Flower Mound at home on April 6. The game will take place at 7 p.m.

The baseball team will be playing against Flower Mound High School at home on April 6 at 7 p.m.

Head coach Stephen Stone said that while the team has been struggling with hitting, defense and pitching, the win against Marcus on March 29 is something the team hopes to build off of.

“Flower Mound is always a good team,” Stone said. “They’re one of the better teams in the district every year.”

Stone said the team has been focusing on improving their game by practicing skills they have been struggling with.

“[Flower Mound’s] strength is talent,” Stone. “They are just loaded with kids that can really play the game. They’re frontrunners, so if they get on top of you then they get going pretty good. If you can get the edge on them early in the game, sometimes they don’t know how to react to some adversities. Hopefully we can jump on them early and stay on.”

Senior Michael Beatrus said it is important for the team to take advantage of Flower Mound’s 2-5 district record to help the Hawks – who currently sit in fifth place – get back into the top four of the district 5-6A standings.

“Having good pitching from [senior] Landon Muzzy on Tuesday, along with taking advantage of having runners on base, could put our team in a good position and mindset to get back to a .500 record when I’m on the mound on Friday,” Beatrus said.

The team is currently at a win-loss record of 2-4 at district and 8-10 for the season. The team last played Flower Mound Tuesday and lost 5-4. Stone said he is proud of the team’s ‘never quit’ mentality especially when things are not going well.

“Flower Mound is predominantly the district favorite every year,” Stone said. “They’ve actually struggled a little bit this year so I’m hoping we catch them at a good time [and] they continue to struggle, hopefully. Flower Mound is one of the best teams in the state year in and year out. We’ve got our work cut out.”

Senior Bradley Hallock said Stone and assistant coach William Farley have made sure the team stays focused and prepared by being encouraging and positive.

“I have high hopes for our team as we are a very solid team and I feel that we are severely underrated by other teams,” Hollock said. “As long as we are aggressive throughout the game, have energy, and make the routine plays, we have a high chance of winning this Friday.”