Baseball to play Lewisville April 20


Photo by Shalu Kattuvelil

After a 9-0 win against Trinity, the team has been able to practice on skills previous lacking.

Baseball will play against Lewisville at home on April 20 at 7 p.m. After a 9-0 win against Trinity, senior Michael Betrus still needs to work on their hitting and defense in order to practice on skills they previously lacked.

Betrus said the team’s pitching and offense will be stronger on Friday. He also said he hopes the team will act more aggressively and focused at the plate.

“I’ve learned that we may rely too much on our pitching and need to score more runs in order to ensure more wins,” Betrus said. “It’s been a consistent theme this year that when we are up against the wall, our tone is determined and passionate, yet we lose that when we are ahead or early in the game. Our team bringing the mindset of commitment despite the circumstances is my hope for Friday’s game.”