The Hawk Eye

Senior Cinta Isom works on her art behind a plexiglass desk shield. She is on the Virtual Plus learning pathway and only attends school for second period.

Sick art

October 21, 2020

Art Teacher Caleb Jacks assists a student in his Art 3 Painting Class. This is Jacks’ first year teaching a medium-specific class, which he says he prefers over teaching a broad art class. “Knowing specific content like Drawing 2, Painting 2, 3 and 4; I love those,” Jacks said. “For seven years at Killian, it was tough to teach sculpture and ceramics when I didn’t have the passion behind it.”

Jack of all trades

October 13, 2020

El Champion works on their current “inktober” piece. Inktober is a month long art challenge with different prompts for each day.

Champion of art

October 23, 2019



October 22, 2019

Junior Emily Nguyen paints a new article of clothing in her home on Sep 16. She posts her commissions and other works of art on her Iinstagram @dancing_manatees_inc.

Mission to commission

September 19, 2019

Junior Shruti Ada works on a recent art project in Art 4.

StARTing the Future

January 14, 2019

Nerd Stuff: Prologue

Nerd Stuff: Prologue

April 7, 2018

Senior Sade Oyedipe works on her piece

Aiming for state

February 8, 2018