The Hawk Eye

Senior Cinta Isom works on her art behind a plexiglass desk shield. She is on the Virtual Plus learning pathway and only attends school for second period.

Sick art

Hailey Dirks, Managing Editor
October 21, 2020
Art Teacher Caleb Jacks assists a student in his Art 3 Painting Class. This is Jacks’ first year teaching a medium-specific class, which he says he prefers over teaching a broad art class. “Knowing specific content like Drawing 2, Painting 2, 3 and 4; I love those,” Jacks said. “For seven years at Killian, it was tough to teach sculpture and ceramics when I didn’t have the passion behind it.”

Jack of all trades

Emma Short, Reporter
October 13, 2020
Art 1 teacher Valento Mennsfield grades his student’s art pieces. This is Mennsfield’s first year working as an art teacher at a high school.

Teacher Tea: Mr. Mennsfield

Leila Olukoga, Reporter
January 30, 2020
El Champion works on their current “inktober” piece. Inktober is a month long art challenge with different prompts for each day.

Champion of art

Mia Nguyen , Reporter
October 23, 2019


Hailey Dirks, Reporter
October 22, 2019
Junior Emily Nguyen paints a new article of clothing in her home on Sep 16. She posts her commissions and other works of art on her Iinstagram @dancing_manatees_inc.

Mission to commission

Mia Nguyen , Reporter
September 19, 2019
Junior Shruti Ada works on a recent art project in Art 4.

StARTing the Future

Aparnna Manoj, Managing Editor
January 14, 2019
Nerd Stuff: Prologue

Nerd Stuff: Prologue

Yasmin Haq, Social Media Manager
April 7, 2018
Senior Sade Oyedipe works on her piece

Aiming for state

Shalu Kattuvelil, Feature Editor
February 8, 2018
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