On the Record: Tunes to wake you up

David Chambers, Staff Writer

Golden Reverie – {{{Sunset}}}
This purely instrumental song is a little more tranquil than most of the songs on this list, and justly so. Some mornings are a day to watch the sun rise, walk through the forest and generally just sit back and take in the day. With its string-and piano-centered melody and overall soft sound, heavy sleepers should stay away.

Honolulu – The Last Dinosaurs
Starting off with a catchy guitar riff, Honolulu is a listener’s absolute paradise. Finding a good medium between calm and energetic, the beat picks up and dropping down as the song goes on. Not quite as serene as Golden Reverie, but definitely not as rocking as Crown on the Ground, this is a solid song to wake up to on a daily basis.

Good Day – Nappy Roots
This peppy hip-hop jam will get you off your feet and have you singing along. Not too high in energy but definitely not lacking, good vibes are all you will feel as you listen on. Simply put, you’re going to have a good day.

Crown on the Ground – Sleigh Bells
If Golden Reverie is for the lightest of sleepers, this song is for those who want to wake up with some noise. Sleigh Bells is known for their bombastic songs and Crown on the Ground is no exception. Catchy, loud and upbeat, this is perfect for any heavy sleeper or those who like to start their day off with a kick.