Becky G EP review


Caryn Corliss, Staff Writer

Upon first hearing Becky G at the Pulse dance convention in October, I was impressed. I was in a concert, like environment; mega screens, mega speakers, mega stage in the front, professional dancers, choreographers and about 500 students learning choreography to “Built for This” Becky G’s third single on the EP. The music was loud, really loud; the down beats vibrating through my bones and raising energy. I liked the song.  When I went home and looked it up, I found the song on YouTube after a few searches, and hit play. This time I wasn’t so thrilled. Outside of the adrenaline, infused atmosphere of Pulse, the song just lacked … everything. It even sounded slower. After assessing the full album, it was clear that the one single that fell flat in the solitude of my bedroom was the best of the bunch. The songs, auto tuning aside, seem mass produced; the product of a rigid formula for tween bubblegum.  These songs, I feel, might be the kind of songs I would have wanted to listen to in middle school, but would’ve been too embarrassed to.  With that said, if “Play it Again” came on the radio, I probably wouldn’t change the station. It’s not the kind of music I would ever seek out on my own time, but I can see why some people might. It’s the kind of music that is initially awful, but after the third time of listening, becomes bearable, which is probably the word I would use to summarize the EP.