Bastille “Bad Blood” review

Bastille Bad Blood review

Madeline Cannon, Entertainment Editor

From start to finish, Bastille’s “Bad Blood” is a feel-good, refreshing album. It starts out with the popular “Pompeii,” which I can’t help but dance along to. This song has been picked up by popular radio stations nationwide as expected due to its poppy, entertaining tempo. “Pompeii” has a cheerful instrument arrangement that sounds almost tribal but is still fantastic. The title song “Bad Blood” has a continuous dance beat to it. It’s a lively track to listen to while driving with the windows down on sunny day. The end of the song comes too fast as I wish the fun beat would keep going. While “Overjoyed” is slower than the first three songs on the album, it still continues the trend of a lively tempo. The song’s lyrics are somewhat repetitive but still posses the same beautiful sounds that are evident elsewhere on the album. Similar to “Overjoyed,” “Icarus” has a slower beginning than some of the other songs but as it progresses, it speeds up tremendously. This is a song to blare since the quick tempo and beat makes one want to jump. “Flaws” is a beautiful mix of lyrics, beat and tempo. It’s a great song for any mood, from elated to disappointed. Like many of the other songs on this album, it’s a perfect anthem for a warm, sunny day drive. Overall, Bastille’s first album is a great mix of fun and talent.