Pre-Prom Playlist

Caryn Corliss, Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me, events can be stressful, especially ones that society has been hyping your whole life. While preparing for prom, you will need a few songs in your arsenal to both make it a night worth remembering, and beat down “pre-event anxiety.” Your eye shadow palettes and curlers won’t seem so daunting alongside these calming and colorful songs. After prepping with these, there’s no doubt you’ll turn out flawless.

Counting Sheep, The Crane Wives:
The Crane Wives is comprised of a pair of musicians for the world to hear. Their vocals are charming, folksy and brightly complement each other. Like many alternative songs, a joyous musicality masks the lyrics’ quite dismal tone. But it doesn’t feel dismal. It feels like a celebration.

Movie Loves a Screen, April Smith:
You can’t not smile while listening to this song. It’s spunky and lively. Smith’s vocal range is a brilliant conductor to such a happy composition.

Paris, Kate Nash:
A piece to set a night off right, this is truly a love song to carry us through the 21st century. It’s cheeky, it’s loud and you’ll be dancing long before the real party starts.

Sort Of, Ingrid Michaelson:
Sort Of is a song that holds a lot of weight, while still maintaining a delicate and breathable sound. There’s not a song out there that will simultaneously inspire and calm so well.

Broken, Jack Johnson:
Mellow, melodic and airy, this song will transport you to beaches with periwinkle sea foam and salty air. Stress is nonexistent when this plays.

All the Pennies, Mindy Gledhill:
There has never been, and there never will be, another song that matches this one in terms of cuteness. It’s simply delightful.